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We have a wide selection of online publications to keep readers informed and up to date on the developments in the area of social innovation in China and the UK.
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China Social Enterprise Research Report

Commissioned by the British Council, Non-profit Incubator (NPI) conducted a national research on the social enterprises in China in 2008. It also completed a research report which contains theoretic analysis, case study and interviews with the practitioners. The report presents an overview of the background, the history and the current situation of the development of social enterprises in China.
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Social Enterprise Overview: A UK and China Perspective published!
What is social enterprise? What role is social enterprise playing in promoting social development and tackling social problems?How has this new concept been developing in China?
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The Rise of Social Entrepreneur
Andrew Mawson arrived in Bromley-by-Bow, one of Britain's most depressed districts, in 1984, as the newly appointed minister at a United Reformed church that was on its last legs.
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Social Innovation
The results of social innovation are all around us. Self-help health groups and self-build housing; telephone help lines and telethon fundraising; neighbourhood nurseries and neighbourhood wardens; Wikipedia and the Open University
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The Top 10 Papers for "Call for Papers on Social Innovation 2006, China"
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